Thursday, October 16, 2008

We Want to Hear Your Story!!!

Sometimes songs reach out and grab us because they just seem to contain the perfect lyrics that explain what is going on in our lives at a particular time. Some of the songs that you love are experienced by people all over the world – this is an example of one of the many ways we are connected! Dr. Misha Turner and Dr. Staussa Ervin are two individuals who share a strong appreciation for music and are particularly interested in the ways women around the world are connected through their appreciation of popular music. Music's ability to transform our lives and the lives of others is a focus of our curiosity because of the ways that music can reach people and highlight the commonalities that we share. Using social and psychological perspectives, we will be collecting and chronicling the stories of women around the world about the impact that music has had on their lives, which we will include in our book.We want to hear your story! Recognize, articulate and contribute to a sustained sisterhood through the appreciation of music. Participation in this project is voluntary and participants will not be remunerated. The purpose of this blog is to collect stories from women around the world who share a connection through music.

For the purposes of confidentiality, pseudonyms will be used in place of actual names if your post is selected for inclusion in the book. By posting your story to this blog you are giving consent to participate and confirming that you are at least 18 years old. Participation in this blog qualifies as implied consent. For more information, contact us at